when do mosquitoes go away

When Do Mosquitoes Go Away? When It’s Safe to Go Outside

Mosquitoes aren’t only annoying, they are dangerous. They carry all sorts of diseases including West Nile Virus. There are nearly 200 species out there and thousands of mosquitoes of each species flying around all over the world. Warmer areas tend to get the worst of the species.

Thankfully, there are usually times when the mosquito population drops or disappears for a few months. With so much variation, and mosquitos’ seasons being dependent on weather, it isn’t easy to provide an answer to “when do mosquitoes go away?”, but this article will strive to provide the best answers to your question.

When Do Mosquitoes Go Away?

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Mosquitos are cold-blooded, as are all insects. This means that they are only able to stay around during the warmest parts of the year. After about 50 degrees Fahrenheit, mosquitos can no longer function and may even start to die out. However, they prefer anything above 60 degrees.

Where they thrive best is at 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This is usually during summer. At about the same time the weather gets warm enough for you to be out all day, it is warm enough for mosquitoes to come out. When it gets too cool for you to enjoy the sun in shorts, the mosquitoes will go into hiding as well.

Mosquitoes generally come out in spring. In the early months of spring, you will possibly see one or two flying around as they wake up from their hibernation and start to lay eggs. The swarms start around the end of spring. If you live somewhere tropical, it may be much earlier in the season.

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to when mosquitoes appear and go away, as it depends a lot on the weather. For some areas, you may not see these pests until May or even June, while in other places, they may appear as early as February.

Their hibernation isn’t time or light-based. Instead, it is based on the weather. If you have several warm days in a row in the middle of winter, you may see these insects appear. As temperatures stay warmer for longer, you will see them stay around longer and wake up from their hibernation sooner.

In some areas, such as Hawaii, they can even stick around all year. The southernmost parts of the US may also experience them almost throughout the whole year.

Mosquitos tend to vanish around your first frost. This can be as early as October for some but may be closer to December for others.

During the mosquito season, you are most safe from mosquitoes during the middle of the day. While they enjoy warmer temperatures, they don’t do well in direct heat and sunlight.

During the day, they will stay in shady and moist areas. Most of the time, these pests annoy most people around sunset and nighttime, when the temperature drops. Around the time you start to grill dinner or are thinking about lighting a bonfire, you will start to feel the bite of mosquitoes.

The best way to avoid them during the season they are most active is to stay away from water. Places with muggy or slow-moving water like marshes, swamps, ponds, and lakes, are going to be breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Even puddles that have been around for a few days can become a haven.

Some studies suggest as well that the phase of the moon can increase the number of mosquitoes there are, but the theory hasn’t been deeply studied. Windy areas may also be free of these insects as they aren’t the strongest flyers.

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