what colors look good on redheads

Fashion Guide: What Colors Look Good on Redheads?

Redheads account for 1-2 percent of the global population, predominantly found among the people of Northern or Northwestern European descent, and appearing with lesser regularity in other populations. Since this is a small percentage of the population, many fashion brands tend to overlook the important fashion needs of redheads when they are coming up with their fashion items.

One of the main questions that entrepreneurs in the fashion industry struggle with a lot is: What colors look good on redheads? This article will answer this and other concerns related to redhead fashion needs.

What Colors Look Good on Redheads?

A redhead is a person (especially a woman) with reddish hair. Although their hair is predominantly red, sometimes it can be orange or ginger. As noted above, redheads make up not more than 2 percent of the world’s population, and they’re mainly found among people of Northwestern European descent. This physical trait is commonly associated with homozygous cells.

A body cell becomes homozygous for a particular gene when similar alleles of the gene are available on both homologous chromosomes. A person who’s homozygous-dominant for a particular physical characteristic like red hair has two copies of the allele that codes for the prevailing trait. Redheads have homozygous cells for recessive alleles on chromosome 16 that generates an altered version of the MC1R protein.

Red hair makes its own fashion statement, which makes it difficult for redheads to find a color that can complement the color of their hair and skin. Smart clothing choices will enhance your red hair while poor color choices will ruin your overall appearance. Most redheads don’t like bright colors because they believe they will clash with their hair and skin tones.

So, as a redhead, you must choose what to wear carefully because your hair color and skin complexion limit your options, especially if you are fashion-conscious. Make sure you understand how far you should go when choosing colors for your fashion needs so that you don’t go overboard and end up looking like a weirdo. There are some colors you shouldn’t even consider having in your closet.

For instance, you should avoid pastels because they can easily wash out your red hair and skin tone. Also, stay away from orange, yellow, and burgundy red. Since yellow is a wild card tone, it will look incredibly good on some people and extremely misplaced on others. It can easily wash you out.

That is why most redheads prefer to wear pure saturated colors because they match perfectly with their red hair. But are these the best colors for redheads? Read on to find out. Here are the main colors that have proved to be perfect matches for redheads.

1. Green


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It’s not a secret that virtually every redhead has green in their closet. It doesn’t matter which shades of green you prefer; they will instantly flatter you. Whether you choose Kelly green, emerald jeweled green, or olive green, you can do wonders to your overall appearance with any of them. These shades of green will instantly dazzle your red hair.

However, avoid yellow-green colors because they aren’t saturated enough to give you a dazzling look. You can find many fashion items with saturated green tones that are perfect for your red hair. These include sweaters, dresses, tops, etc.

2. Blue


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Blue will highlight your fair skin and offer you a deep contrast to accent your red hair. There are many shades of blue that you can choose for your red hair, including navy, soft powder, and cobalt, among others. You should also have brighter blue in the turquoise family as well as the blueberry colors.

If you prefer easy go-to choices that will enhance your skin complexion and red hair, go for simple denim blue. A light blue embroidered blouse, a cobalt tie dye top, a deep lagoon animal print blouse, a navy tie dye off-the-shoulder jumpsuit, a navy puff sleeve tunic dress (regular, petite, and plus sizes), an ocean oasis pullover, an oxford blue color block cashmere sweater, and a blue motif maxi dress for all sizes are great choices for redheads.

3. Purple


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Contrary to what many people believe, purple is an extremely flattering color for redheads. However, you should avoid soft lavenders because they are somewhat muted and can easily wash out your red hair and skin complexion. Go for complementary purple shades like true purple and bright electric purple.

Please note that purple shades with blue hints are perfect choices for redheads, but you should stay away from purple shades with red undertones. Some of the common purple fashion garments for redheads include a violet beach day pullover, a lavender striped button down, a wild orchid shiny pullover, a dark grape shimmer dress, a grape silk top, a summer plum scuba sheath dress, a plum shift dress, etc.

4. Red


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As a redhead, you must have heard something about redheads not wearing red colors. This is just a myth. The truth is that red is a perfect color for redheads. But you have to figure out a way to make your red garments match your red hair.

So, you shouldn’t wear an all-red outfit when you are a redhead because it will attract too much attention and make you appear strange. But this does not stop you from being bold and rocking that body-hugging red dress. When you are choosing your red outfit, pick items with a true jewel red tone.

If you are uncomfortable wearing too much red, there are simple ideas you can try. For instance, you can integrate red colors into your daily outfits to highlight your red hair. A simple red shell under the jacket, bright red pants, a bright red skirt with a black top, red accessories like a red belt, red earrings, red shoes, an animal print with red accents, red lipstick, or red nail polish are all perfect ideas to incorporate into your fashion goals.

Other perfect red fashion items that you can wear include a red pleat neck sleeveless top, a cherry Italian wool-Cashmere wrap coat (all extended sizes), a red motif knit midi skirt, a red Ponte dress, and a red ruffle waist mini dress. In terms of red accessories, you can choose cherry lace paper bag pants (all sizes), a red leather cross-body bag, a red reversible leather belt, red soft blend sweatpants (all sizes), and military red gloss waterproof rain boots.

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