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7 Things God Hates That You Should Avoid in Your Personal Life

Many people tend to use God for their personal devices. They say God hates many things, and for those not knowledgeable in the Bible, it may even seem like He hates everything. However, there are really only 7 things God hates.

If you want to read the part of the Bible that mentions what God hates directly, they are listed in Proverbs 6:16-19. This article can break down exactly what those 7 things are though, and what they mean if you are still a little lost.

7 Things God Hates

1. Arrogance

In the Bible, arrogance is described as haughty eyes. Having too much pride, and feeling like people are below you, is something that God hates. This is a powerful one. After all, pride is the original sin and what caused Adam and Eve to be kicked out of the Garden of Eden.

This pride can be revealed in many ways. One of the common ones for those that believe in God is that they believe they are better than others and are arrogant because they believe and have the strength of God when others do not.

However, they forget to remember that God loves us all equally and that one should not think of themselves better than another for any reason. In fact, this makes a believer worse off in God’s eyes than if one didn’t believe.

If someone believes in the word of God but chooses to ignore or overlook what He hates, it is worse than someone being unaware of the sins they are committing.

2. Lying

Another thing that God hates is when people willingly and knowingly lie. It doesn’t matter if the lies are to make someone feel better or to make someone look bad. Lying is considered to make people closer to the Devil because he is the father of lies.

Children grow up instinctively lying. Even babies have been shown to lie to get attention or what they want. Growing up from lying and learning to tell only the truth is what makes us closer to God, and shows that we are taking steps to become better people that He would be proud of.

This one is a hard one to avoid. People tell lies all the time, even to themselves. While they aren’t always serious lies, a small white lie is still a lie. There is a stark difference between being honest and being hurtful, and it is hard for people to find that balance.

3. False Witness

This one can also technically fall under lying but is a little different. Being a false witness is specifically lying with the intent to harm someone. When you think of false witnesses, you may think of courtrooms and lying under oath.

That is just one example of being a false witness. Spreading lies to get someone in trouble, or even to save someone from getting in trouble that deserves it counts as being a false witness.

That isn’t the only example, though. There are also false witnesses in church. For example, pastors and Bible teachers can also bear false witness to the teachings in the Bible. Perhaps they omit certain information or try to interpret the word of God into something that suits them better.

These are sinners and examples of people God hates. It is important you understand the word of Christ so that way you can find a pastor or teacher that teaches them correctly and doesn’t try to influence their listeners with falsehoods and incorrect interpretations.

4. Murder

Of course, one cannot speak about things God hates without discussing murder. In the book of Proverbs, it is specifically mentioned that it is “hands that shed innocent blood” that God hates. This means it is specifically cold-blooded murder that God hates the most, though all murder is wrong.

Murder is a crime that God states should be punished, and those that are higher in power should take steps to protect those lower in society.

Killing someone is taking the law into your own hands. Not only are you taking the law of humans into your hand, but God’s law as well. It is up to Him to determine how people are to be punished and when their life should be cut, and not someone else’s.

5. People Quickly Willing to Sin

Most people sin at some point in their lives, usually unknowingly or unconsciously. As long as people make an effort to change and become better people, these sins can be forgiven.

However, some people don’t hesitate to sin and are even quick to rush headlong into evil. It is important to be quick to turn from sin. Even hesitating to turn away from sin for too long can be a sin in itself.

Not turning away from sin at all though, is something God hates above many other things. Take Eve, for example. She was the first one to face temptation, and she did not turn from the fruit as she should have. Instead, she ran into temptation and sin, despite knowing better.

Those following the word of God should strive to do better. Despite the hardships that the Devil provides them and the sins that he offers, one should be quick to follow the word of God and not ever doubt or hesitate.

6. Evil Thoughts

Specifically, the Bible says God detests “a heart that devises wicked schemes”. What this means is people who come up with schemes or plan harm to others, especially to further benefit themselves.

People should never plan or think of ways to bring harm to others. It doesn’t matter if that harm is something physical, mental, or emotional. Those following the word of God should be focused only on bettering themselves in a healthy way and helping others when possible.

Hurting others is the opposite of what God says people should do.

Even if you just think malicious thoughts and never act on them, you are doing what God hates. God can read the thoughts and intentions of all people and knows your deepest desires and dreams.

Another way this statement can be translated is as a “deceptive heart”. God says that hearts are designed to lie and misguide us. For this reason, people shouldn’t follow their hearts but instead should follow God and his values.

7. Those That Disturb the Peace

Sowing discord, especially amongst people close to you, is another hate of God. Any time you create a space full of fear, suspicion, or distrust, you are committing a huge sin. Many people commit this sin to put the focus on them, or to get people to like them more.

The reason doesn’t matter, however. Any time people cause a disruption to the peace that God is trying to create, it is bad. Stirring the pot isn’t something that people should do. It is often seen as cowardly and evil by God.

Your family, church, and neighborhood should be a place of peace and comfort for all. If you are causing strife between members or are ruining that peace, then you should try and stop right away and seek forgiveness from all involved, including God.

Instead, you should try to be someone that promotes and creates peace. These people are said to be the sons of God and closely aligned with His values and intentions.

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