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Top 10 Poses For Beach Photos That Are Trending Today

Summer’s here, and the beaches are calling! So, when you get your hands on that new swimsuit, you also have to start practicing to capture those perfect beach pictures. Beach photoshoots can look absolutely magical. But you need to know how to strike effortless poses that make you look stunning in every picture.

Take inspiration from this compilation of some of our favorite poses for beach photos. Relax your body, be confident, and have fun as the camera clicks away!

10 Poses for Beach Photos

Here are some easy and comfortable poses for beach photos that are popular among celebrities and influencers alike!

1. The Looking Back Pose

Looking Back

Image source: Pinterest

This is a classic pose you simply can’t go wrong with. It’s a slightly candid but also orchestrated pose that’s perfectly sultry. It’s also a good pose if you want to highlight a backless swimsuit or a bathing suit with interesting back details.

You angle your body forward and turn your head back as if you just heard someone call you. Make it more natural by turning your torso to the side slightly. You can also pretend to tuck your hair behind your ear.

2. The Model’s Lean Pose

Model’s Lean

Image source: Pinterest

Sitting upright on the beach can look quite unflattering and boring in pictures. Why not make things interesting with this comfortable pose? As you sit, lean back a bit and prop yourself up on your elbows.

Make your legs look longer by slightly bending your knees.

3. The Coverup Pose


Image source: Pinterest

This is a staged casual shot where you stop midway through putting on your coverup as the camera clicks.

You don’t have to look straight at the camera for this shot. It’s better if you are facing to the side with a half-smile or looking at the waves.

4. Posing With a Boat


Image source: Pinterest

If you’re at a beach where they have boats docked along the shore, offering perfect props for your beach photos. You can lean against the boat and look away, or stand at one end of it. This is a casual, relaxed, and easy pose.

It’s also great for yachts. You can sit and put your hands on your chin, or if you are wearing a straw hat, hold on to the top of your hat as if stopping the breeze from blowing it away.

5. Securing the Sunglasses Pose


Image source: Pinterest

This pose will highlight your beautiful beachy waves! Set your sunglasses on your head and move your hand away from your hair as if you’re midway through wearing your shades.

For this pose, you can look straight at the camera or slightly to the side with a winning and bright smile.

6. Pose with Natural Elements


Image source: Pinterest

When you are not too comfortable posing in an open space, find something to add to your background. On the beach, palm trees can be your perfect accessory.

Simply lean against the tree and pretend to look out at the sea.

7. Strolling Along the Shore Pose


Image source: Pinterest

Ask your photographer or BFF to take a picture of you from afar. This picture is not intended as a close-up; instead, it is supposed to highlight your silhouette against a beautiful background, such as casually strolling on the shore.

This is the perfect picture to take as the sun sets. Your dark silhouette slightly lit up with a golden glow against the setting sun will create a jaw-dropping picture.

8. Kneeling On The Sand Pose


Image source: Pinterest

Another trending pose for the beach is with you kneeling on the sand and looking straight at the camera.

Another variation is, while you’re in a kneeling position, tilt your head slightly to the side and keep your eyes closed for a more dramatic effect.

9. Half-way Spin Pose


Image source: Pinterest

The main objective of this pose is to show off your bikini body or just the new bikini!

So, set this snap against the ocean and make sure your photographer captures you in mid-spin or while twirling with your hair flying around and your face lit up with a smile.

10. Sitting With Your Knees Up

Knees Up

Image source: Pinterest

Sit on the sand and bring your knees towards your chest while casually resting your arms on your knees. Look straight at the camera and have a subtle smile on your face.

This is best captured by your photographer going down to your level and with the beach as your background.

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