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Sustainable Home Decor: 21 Easy Upcycling Ideas To Get Started

It’s hard to throw away adorable, small things that we cherish. They serve no purpose and are just taking up space but are too cute to discard.

But what if we told you there are several ways to upcycle your useless or worn-out household items to turn them into beautiful and functional home items?

Pay special attention to the things in your house that you can upcycle and repurpose to create beautiful masterpieces.

Yes, you can make your own sustainable home decor, so here are 21 super easy upcycling ideas to get started.

21 Easy Upcycling Ideas

1. Mason Jar Planter


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Mason jars are a favorite among upcyclers. You can use a simple glass jar in countless ways, and one of the simplest ones you can use is a mason jar planter. To make a cool planter, choose a mason jar over opaque pots. However, make sure you plant seeds with light-seeking roots.

2. Teacup Candles


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Another one of our easy upcycling ideas can add aesthetic appeal to your home. Just a small chip or crack can render your beloved teacup or coffee mug useless. However, you don’t have to throw it away. Use your cup to make a cute candle holder.

3. Denim And Wool Coasters

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Whether it is torn jeans or a shrunken sweater, it does not have to see the trash can. Repurpose them to form coasters in various designs and styles. The coasters look cool and effectively protect your surface from the heat and moisture from your cups.

4. Storage Bin

Image source: Pinterest

This is another easy DIY with denim and other old clothes. Use the fabric to make bins of various sizes, and decorate them with jewels, ribbons, or whatever you like. They are perfect for organizing any drawer or cupboard, making your home clutter-free.

5. Wine Bottle Candle Topper

Image source: Pinterest

You don’t have to buy a candle topper if you love wine. And it really is no work at all. Cut the base of your wine bottle and put it over a tealight candle. You can get a bit creative and decorate the wine bottle according to your taste.

6. Water Can Watering Jug

Image source: Pinterest

Turn your old water jug into a functional gardening tool with little effort. All you have to do is cut the mouth of the jug and replace it with a sprinkler.

7. Denim Rugs


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Who said you must buy a new rug if the old one is tattered? Create beautiful, eye-catching designs by mixing and matching several shades of denim. All you need is basic sewing skills, and you get to save a lot of money.

8. Paint Chip Wall

Image source: Pinterest

Stick paint chips to a part of a wall or an entire wall to create a unique and colorful wall design.

9. Upcycled Cans

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Never throw away empty tin cans, as they have endless potential. Wrap them up with a rope to make a pencil holder and piggy banks. Use them as planters, hang them in the kitchen, make mini hanging baskets, and more.

10. Dresser Drawer Planters

Image source: Pinterest

If you are upgrading your room and have an old dresser drawer, use it to add a statement to your space. Paint it in beautiful colors and plant flowering plants to give it a chic vibe.

11. Reuse Candle Jars

Image source: Pinterest

Candle jars are too cute and beautiful to be thrown away. Arrange a collection of jars in a drawer or a box and use it to store small items like buttons, bands, q-tips, stationery, candy, and dry fruits.

12. Plastic Bottle Herb Planter

Image source: Pinterest

With this simple DIY plastic planter, you can plant small herbs anywhere in your house without worrying about watering them. Cut a big plastic bottle into unequal halves, keeping the mouth part longer. Add water in the small half, and invert and add soil in the bigger half. Insert the bigger half into the smaller one and watch your plant grow.

13. Shoebox Trunk


Image source: Pinterest

Become an explorer by upscaling a shoebox into a traveler’s trunk. While it will not accompany you on your vacations, the trunk can make for great home decor and is perfect for storing small, pretty things that are precious to you.

14. Upcycling Toilet Paper Roll


Image source: Pinterest

If you have kids at home, use these rolls to make binoculars and animals like dinosaurs, giraffes, and camels. You can also stick a few side-by-side to make a sorting game for your kid.

15. Wooden Shape Puzzles


Image source: Pinterest

If you are a DIYer, you probably have spare wood lying around. Use it to make simple shape puzzles by sticking colorful shapes and cutting the blocks to form puzzle pieces. If you do not have kids, donate your creation to charity.

16. Upcycled Plastic Jars

Image source: Pinterest

Spray-paint your ugly plastic jars and transform them into beautiful kitchen storage boxes. You can also use them as vases and pencil holders.

17. Cork Ornaments

Image source: Pinterest

You can decorate wine bottle corks to form beautiful ornaments for jewelry or assemble them in a crafty way to make ornaments for Christmas trees. Make a reindeer from corks for a unique and customized decoration.

18. T-Shirt Headband


Image source: Pinterest

If you have an old, soft, stretchy, and moisture-absorbent t-shirt, pick up a pair of scissors and make yourself a headband. You can make headbands in numerous ways, and each one will give you fashionable and chic headbands.

19. Bathroom Vanity


Image source: Pinterest

Decluttering the bathroom is everyone’s dream. However, as every bottle or tube in there has its use, decluttering seems next to impossible. But if you have an old cupboard or a drawer, you can repurpose it into an open-shelf bathroom cabinet.

20. Repurposed Coat Hanger

Image source: Pinterest

If you have a few broken hangers lying around, you can use them to make beautiful decor pieces. Shape them the way you like, and you can have a bird in a cage, ornaments, a wire basket, and more.

21. Map Upcycle Projects


Image source: Pinterest

It is easy to upcycle with maps. Stick a few together to form a coaster, or stick it over a tabletop to redesign it into a statement piece. Using maps, you can also make a paper quilt, and stick it on your walls to upgrade and customize them.

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