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15 Inexpensive Yet Elegant Covered Patio Ideas for Your Backyard

The patio is often considered an outdoor extension of a home. It not only serves as a functional space but can also offer a respite where you can lounge around outdoors. And one way to turn your patio into a special part of your home is by incorporating patio covers. You can turn your patio into an outdoor living room, use it as a refreshing workspace, or as a nook to relax.

With the right covered patio ideas, you can create esthetically pleasing patios without breaking the bank!

15 Covered Patio Ideas

You can use a wide variety of materials for your patio cover, but it is important to consider the weather in your area first. There will always be sunny days, but will there be other elements that your patio cover would have to deal with, such as high winds or heavy rains?

A patio cover should ideally be functional and efficient, and its esthetic charm will be an added bonus. That being said, here’s our pick of some incredibly eye-catching covered patio ideas to spruce up your home.

#1. Patio with an Umbrella


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Using umbrellas is an easy, efficient way to add a fun element to your patio. You can use several smaller umbrellas or opt for one massive umbrella covering the entire space. You may even use a weather-resistant umbrella, depending on your area. Consider how and when the sun hits your patio to place the umbrellas strategically. It offers a creative and quirky way to have an entirely movable structure where the cover doesn’t need to be fixed!

#2. Fabric-Covered Patio

Fabric Covered

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Minimal and chic, this simple patio cover solution involves using fabrics to develop a shade sail or a canopy over the patio. You can simply use garden canopies and tweak them based on your patio’s dimensions. Or, if you have the time and skills, create a tailored canopy with your choice of material, electric drill, PVC piping, and a couple of hooks.

#3. Use a Mosquito Net as Cover

Mosquito Net

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This may come as a surprise, but a mosquito net offers a lot of versatility to create unique patio covers. You can have layers of it for the roof as well as for the curtains on the side. This is also a functional option if you have to deal with mosquitos in the early evenings but want to relax while watching the sun sets.

#4. Rustic Wooden Pergola


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A pergola is an eye-catching patio cover that can transform the look of your patio in an instant thanks to its simple structure, typically made of wood. You can decorate it with fairy lights or add plants to secure more shade and cool down the area. Climbing plants are a popular choice as they climb up the columns over time and create a lovely green respite.

#5. Aluminum-Covered Patio

Aluminum Covered

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Wooden pergolas are pretty but expensive. Aluminum offers a cheap alternative to add a minimalistic, sleek, and modern vibe to your patio area. You may not always find a readymade aluminum pergola with the right dimensions, but you can easily find materials to create your aluminum patio cover.

#6. Wooden A-shaped Patio


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Wood always provides that homey and timeless vibe that you can incorporate into your patio cover. Create an A-frame overhead and add wooden columns to create a cozy environment and leave the sides of your patio free from any structure to achieve that open-space feeling. Make sure that you install a good lighting system if you opt for wood because it can get pretty dark with wood as a cover.

#7. Translucent Roof Cover


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Soak in some unobstructed sunlight as you lounge under translucent patio covers. It’s a simple way to create an inviting space! You get protection from rain and harsh sun while enjoying a great view of the open sky!

#8. Trellis Patio Cover


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Another practical covered patio idea is to use a trellis, or a couple of them, to help you filter out the natural sun. Just remember that this design does not provide complete protection, just some minimal shade, enough for you to still be comfortable on your patio even if the sun is out.

#9. Use Linens as Covers


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Linens can work as beautiful patio covers. It’s a great option if you already have wooden posts on your patio. You can stretch out the fabric or let it fall to provide shade during hot summer days.

#10. A Green Oasis


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This is a covered patio idea that requires you to invest some time and effort. You can turn your outdoor space into a lush green sanctuary by adding plants. While growing wisteria or other vines will take quite some time to grow, you can look forward to watching the plants flourish and having a stunning patio space for al fresco meals and long conversations!

#11. Use a Stretch Tarp as Patio Cover

Stretch Tarp

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Completely versatile and very affordable, you can use tarpaulin for your patio’s cover. While you may use a different design, a plain white canvas will also do the trick perfectly to provide you with that clean and fresh look. Since it is not a permanent structure, you can always swap it out when not needed.

#12. A Retractable Awning


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Adding retractable awnings is a practical and quick patio cover idea that looks like it was installed like a pro! It can help make your patio a more functional space whenever you want and is a more affordable option than having a roof installed.

#13. Bamboo Curtain Blinds


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An eco-conscious idea for your patio covering is using bamboo blinds. Use several bamboo blinds to create a makeshift roof and you can pair them with twinkling fairy lights to create a magical space outdoors.

#14. Transparent Tarp Cover

Tarp Cover

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Using a stretched transparent tarpaulin makes your patio roof look like it’s entirely made of glass! Although it won’t provide much shade from the sun, it will make your patio the place to be when it’s raining.

#15. Solar Panels

Solar Panels

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Hit two birds with one stone using solar panels as your patio cover. This is a permanent and energy-saving solution that will be beneficial for your entire home in the long run.

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