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Top 12 Chest Tattoo Ideas For Men: Pick Your Style!

Chest tattoos have always been popular with men, even though they hurt quite a bit. But that also makes these tattoos an unfailing symbol of strength, endurance, and self expression.

If you love tattoos or plan on getting inked, here are some of the coolest tattoo ideas you can explore.

Whether you like manly designs, prefer something cool, or want to get creative, there are plenty of chest tattoo ideas for men to choose from. Keep reading to learn what type of tattoo you can get done and what meaning they convey.

12 Amazing Chest Tattoo Ideas for Men

1. Religious Tattoos

Religious Tattoos

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Religious tattoos are quite trendy among those who hold their faith close to their heart (quite literally). It conveys the message easily and can be customized to the scale you want.

Most men prefer placing the tattoo at the center of their chest, but you can experiment as you like. You can pick a religious symbol you want and do a variation of it using intricate or bold lines. A basic black ink is best suited for such designs.

2. Animal Tattoos

Animal Tattoos

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Animal tattoos make powerful designs that come in a variety of styles and can express your personality traits. Depending on the design, animal chest tattoo ideas for men can be done to cover half or the whole chest.

Lions express majesty, dignity, and grace. Wolves symbolize loyalty, power, leadership, and protection. If you’re a bird lover, try owl designs to symbolize wisdom and knowledge. Or go for eagle tattoos to show your strong side.

Snakes are another popular option. They’re often used for depicting the circle of life, death, rebirth, and related themes.

You can also pick mythical creatures like phoenixes, mermaids, etc. for a more fancy tattoo. Many men also pair an animal tattoo with flowers, skulls, and other pieces to make a statement unique to them.

3. Quote Tattoos

Quote Tattoos

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If you have a quote you live by or that resonates with your philosophy of life, you can get it tattooed onto your chest. Go for a medium/large-sized design and pick a font that goes with the message.

You can also play with the placement depending on the words and length of the quote.

4. Small and Simple Tattoos

Small and Simple Tattoos

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Just because the chest gives you a lot of area doesn’t mean you must use it for large-scale tattoos. Small and simple tattoos look good too!

Since the size is small and the design is simple, you will want to go for deep and dark inks. They’re also a great option if you wish to add more tattoos to the area later on.

You can also try line art designs to cover a broad area without filling it up completely and keeping things classy.

5. Roman Numerals Tattoos

Roman Numerals Tattoos

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If you want to ink an important date onto your chest, going with the classic design of Roman numerals is a safe choice. Simple and clean, these have a timeless quality about them, so they’ll always look aesthetically pleasing.

You can get them in small, medium, or large sizes.

6. Multicolor Tattoos

Multicolor Tattoos

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If you’re looking for unique and one-of-a-kind chest tattoo ideas for men, you’re up for a challenge. The task of finding such a design itself is going to take a long time.

Here’s what you can do instead. Try getting your tattoo in a bright, multicolored design.

The majority of men go for black inks to give off a manly image, and that works for them. But adding a little color to your tattoo can make it interesting and mystical while still keeping it masculine.

The only drawback is that multicolor tattoos fade faster than black ones. So they’ll need more aftercare.

7. Winged Tattoos

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Winged designs are some of the best chest tattoo ideas since they can be easily accommodated across the chest area. You can pick a large-sized design to cover the broad area or go for a small or medium-sized tattoo too.

Don’t think you have to stick to angel wings only! Try to explore bat wing designs, bird wing designs, Egyptian wing designs, and more.

If you’re going for a full-size winged chest tattoo, make sure to ask the artist to add details like shadowing and patterns into the wings.

8. Heart-Themed Tattoos

Heart-Themed Tattoos

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Heart-themed chest tattoo ideas for men are a brilliant option too. They are great for making statements about undying love, friendship, etc. Plus, the placement of the heart upon your heart is as symbolic as it gets.

You can go for stylized versions like 3D hearts and cartoon-style hearts or stick to simple anatomical hearts.

9. Coverup Tattoos

Coverup Tattoos

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Maybe you’re regretting getting that old line art tattoo last year on your vacation. Or maybe you no longer feel so strongly about an existing chest tattoo.

Whatever the case, chest tattoo ideas for men are great solutions for covering an old tattoo.

Talk to your tattoo artist to see what designs they suggest will cover up your old tattoo best.

10. Name Tattoos

Name Tattoos

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If you want to dedicate a tattoo to a special someone in your life, a name chest tattoo is a perfect choice!

You can have it made in a medium-sized design and place it over the heart area. Or, go big and bold and cover the upper chest completely. Keep the design simple — it’s hard to get that wrong. Plus, you can go with a font of your choice.

11. Skull Tattoos

Skull Tattoos

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Skulls are one of the most sought-after chest tattoo ideas for men. They symbolize morality and death in most instances, but can also be used for more nuanced messages with customization.

They come in a huge variety of styles so you can have one customized to your liking.

12. Tribal Tattoos

Tribal Tattoos

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If you want to keep a memento of the tough times you’ve faced, a tribal tattoo might be a good pick. They were earlier used as a rite of passage across many cultures and symbols of wealth/status, but today can be seen everywhere.

Thanks to the cultural variety, there are plenty of patterns and designs to choose from. Whether you want to appear more manly or show off your protective side, a tribal tattoo will do the trick.

With some creativity, you’ll be able to extend them onto your arms, back, and sides too.

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