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10 Best Places To Live In Puerto Rico? Find Your Perfect Match

When you think of Puerto Rico, you think of jaw-dropping landscapes and rich culture. But this tropical paradise has a lot more to offer its residents! Puerto Rico is one of the most popular Caribbean islands and among the top choices for tourists and ex-pats alike. This US territory not only has a thriving social scene but also offers a charming laidback lifestyle and is an ideal destination for anyone wanting to get away from the chaos of city life.

So, whether you’re looking to relocate to the islands or just want to take a short tropical vacation, Puerto Rico is one of the best places to move to. Not sure where to go? Let’s get you started with some of the best places to live in Puerto Rico!

10 Best Places to Live in Puerto Rico

1. Bucana Barrio

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With a small population of fewer than 4,000 residents, Bucana Barrio is a small semi-rural town in Puerto Rico. It’s a quiet city that’s ideal for families and individuals looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Its low cost of living and affordable housing make it a great place for a short getaway or even to retire to. However, the city may not be the best choice for young professionals as there are limited employment opportunities in the area and a quiet social scene.

But if you want a more laid-back lifestyle without compromising on essential conveniences, this town may be a perfect fit for you.

2. Ponce

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Nicknamed “South Pearl,” Ponce is located on the central southern coast of Puerto Rico. It is Puerto Rico’s second largest city offering a high standard of living and exceptional health care.

Life in Ponce is like being in the pages of a thick history book. It’s home to some of the most incredible landmarks, including Plaza de Las Delicias and the territory’s first fire station, the Parque de Bombas. There’s also the La Guancha boardwalk, ideal for lazy afternoon strolls to enjoy the coast’s view and spot some pelicans.

The city also offers numerous museums and art galleries to explore, and it even hosts numerous festivals all year long. With so many things to do, there is never a dull moment in Ponce.

3. Dorado

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Waking up to the sounds of the ocean is a dream of many. What if you could make this dream come true? Well, moving to Dorado offers just that! This coastal city is a favorite among expats and another highly recommended place to live in Puerto Rico.

You’ll find many beach homes for sale or long-term rental, all at an affordable cost. This quaint town has a natural charm and offers easy access to beaches, perfect for surfing, swimming, and just walking along the shore. It’s also a very short drive away from Puerto Rico’s capital, so you can indulge in a more vibrant social scene if you want.

4. Caguas

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Caguas is a haven of delicious food, exciting shopping spots, and rich culture. The city is quite literally the heart of the island because of its location. It thus offers a good base if you want to access the other cities and municipalities of Puerto Rico conveniently.

Shopping enthusiasts would love to spend time at the Las Catalinas Mall, while beer enthusiasts can have their fill at the FOK Brewing Company — one of the best breweries in Puerto Rico offering more than 18 flavors of beer.

Caguas is also home to William Miranda Marín Botanical and Cultural Garden that’s also a nature reserve where you can spend a relaxing day.

5. Rio Grande

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Arguably the most popular city in Puerto Rico, Rio Grande has been attracting visitors for decades. Home to the tropical rainforest, El Yunque National Forest, Rio Grande is the ideal place to live if you want to be in the heart of Mother Nature and explore nature at its finest.

Rio Grande is full of waterfalls, rivers, and forests that offer endless options for outdoor recreational activities. It also boasts some beautiful beaches that are often uncrowded, so you can enjoy spending your afternoons and weekends by the water. There are also golf courses and numerous hiking opportunities to explore.

Despite being one of the bigger municipalities, Rio Grande is generally safe and has a close-knit community.

6. Fajardo

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If the call of the ocean is irresistible to you, Fajardo is the perfect place for you to be! This coastal town holds a lot of appeal to folks who love being on the water and engaging in water-based activities. While it has a quaint, small-town vibe, Fajardo is the largest Puerto Rican harbor to the Islands of the Caribbean.

Fajardo is a great place for those who want to live a simple life where the community supports and cares for one another. You’d often find multiple families heading to the beach, spending the day there, and bonding as a community.

And since Fajardo is surrounded by waters, it’s also home to diverse marine life, including sea turtles, manatees, and dolphins — all of which you can explore while snorkeling or diving into the pristine waters.

7. Arecibo

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Arecibo is a major Puerto Rican city and is home to some incredible beaches, like the Poza Del Obispo. This city is often called El Diamante Del Norte, or the Diamond of the North, and is home to about 41,000 residents.

As the third oldest city in Puerto Rico, you can expect to see a lot of interesting historic sites. Arecibo’s karst landscape of caves, limestone formations, and underground rivers also makes for a fascinating exploration.

In Arecibo, you will get your fill of being close to nature while living in tranquility on the beachside.

8. Rio Mar

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Just half an hour away from the bustling capital is the tranquil and calm Rio Mar — one of the best neighborhoods in Puerto Rico. Considered a sleepy town, this is the perfect place for those who want to live a simple, peaceful, and relaxed life.

A major benefit of living in a sleepy municipality is that the cost of living is relatively low since the nightlife is much quieter compared to the major cities. Most amenities are within walking distance. But since the town is also close to the capital, it offers easy access to different facilities and attractions.

9. Isla Verde

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Isla Verde, meaning “Green Island,” is a popular retirement spot for many expats. Thanks to its clear blue waters and pristine beaches, living in Isla Verde is like being on a constant vacation.

It’s an idyllic place with gated communities and a surprisingly low cost of living, making it a great place for affordable living. It is also generally a safe place where the most common misdemeanor is vandalism.

Families and communities in Isla Verde have water at the center of their activities, so if you love exploring the ocean, this is the perfect place for you.

10. San Juan

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Offering the perfect balance of all the modern amenities and the rich culture of Puerto Rico, nothing beats living in San Juan. The capital of Puerto Rico is the island’s largest city, renowned for its vibrant social life.

Given that it attracts so many tourists and expats every year, you can expect a lot of Western influences in terms of food, shopping trends, and pubs. But there is also Old San Juan, a historic district that can educate you about Puerto Rico’s rich culture and offer the best of Puerto Rico’s cuisine.

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