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Star Wars Episode VII Teaser Trailer Is Out — Watch It Here And Blow Your Mind

Star Wars

This is what we all need to actually be thankful for.  Not turkey, not even family and loved ones.  We need to give thanks for the new Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens teaser trailer finally being released: Excuse us while we pick up the fragments of our head that just exploded. JJ Abrams seems… Read more »

An Open Letter To My Fellow White People About Your Reactions To The Ferguson Protests

Disclaimer: I am white.  I grew up in a semi-affluent suburb in Southern California.  I am not black, have never been black, and make no secret of my not-black status.  I am also not speaking for all white people, just me. Dear Fellow White People, Please shut up. Last night, violent protests broke out in… Read more »

GE Study Saying Dogs Love Us Back Will Just Make Crazy Dog People Crazier

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There’s few things more annoying than dog people.  Not all dog owners, per se.  Most dog owners are just fine — I’m talking about those dog people.  Seriously, you know exactly who they are. The clinically insane people who claim their dogs are their children and put them in sweaters and do the idiotic baby talk to… Read more »

Where Can You See The Teaser Trailer For ‘Star Wars Episode VII: Force Awakens’?

10 Things That Need To Happen In 'Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens'

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?  Is it for friends, family, loved ones, and food?  Or maybe are you thankful for the first look at Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens?  You need to be, because it’s happening this weekend. Rumors surfaced, and Regal Cinemas later confirmed, that the worldwide teaser trailer for the new Star… Read more »

Physicists At CERN Prove Something They Already Knew And The Media Promptly Screws It All Up


There is a famous laboratory called CERN, which is a facility on the border of France and Switzerland.  It’s kind of like the Yankee Stadium of particle physics since it’s home to the Large Hadron Collider — the sexiest particle accelerator in the world.  What does it do? It accelerates particles, stop asking silly questions. The LHC is a… Read more »

Christina Milian Tells Us About Being A Reality TV Star, Fashion Icon, And Our #WCW


It’d be easy for Christina Milian to just kick back and enjoy being a mom to her daughter Violet, and keep making awesome music with folks like Lil Wayne.  She isn’t having that, though. With her new reality show on E! starting, and her fashion line, We Are Pop Culture, out there — Milian has a lot to brag about…. Read more »

Titan Becomes An Even Weirder Place As Cassini Probe Discovers Vanishing ‘Magic Islands’

NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona/University of Idaho

Titan… you so cray-cray. Only recently, the Cassini planetary probe caught an insane photo of sunlight glistening off the lakes on Titan, the largest moon of Saturn.  It was beautiful until everyone realized the lake was basically made of lighter fluid.  Titan, man… Titan. Buckle up, because if you didn’t think that was weird enough — Titan just… Read more »