Has Missing Maylasia Airline's Flight MH 370 Been Found?

By Jon Dodson
Possible debris from Flight MH 370 found by Chinese satellite.
Possible debris from Flight MH 370 found by Chinese satellite.

Today, Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein announced that the Chinese have found a 72-foot object floating in the Indian Ocean. Using one of their satellites, the Chinese located a large mass, estimated to be 72-feet by 42-feet, floating 75 miles west of the location where Australia initially reported a sighting of debris earlier this week. These recent developments have many people thinking that the missing Maylasia Airline’s flight MH 370 may have been found.

Malaysia transport minister hussein
Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein

The Chinese have sent ships to investigate the debris, and have said that they will make an official announcement later today.

Malaysia Airline’s flight MH 370 first went missing on Mar. 8. Carrying 239 people, it vanished from radar shortly after it had gone vastly off course. Theories regarding it’s disappearance have ranged from a hijacking, all the way to the possibility of a black hole.

The first sign of hope in finding the missing airliner was when Australia announced earlier this week that they had found debris floating in the Indian Ocean. This resulted in the United States and Australia dispatching five ships to the remote region, known as the “roaring forties.” This area is known for high westerly winds and torrid waters. There, they searched 15,000 square nautical miles. Despite their efforts, the search has yet to find anything. The Australian Prime Minister has said that they will not stop their search until they are sure that it has been thorough.

While it’s still unclear what these new developments will bring, the recent sighting of new debris has some people eager to know what is out there.