The Walking Dead: What Happened to Beth?

By Chris Gamble
AMC's The Walking Dead
AMC’s The Walking Dead

WARNING: This is a spoiler alert!

The latest episode of The Walking Dead certainly left us with a lot of questions, most notably who took Beth after the walkers invaded the funeral home? Beth was last seen running outside while Daryl drew the walkers away and played connect the dots on their foreheads. However, as soon as he got outside he saw there was only a bag left behind and a car speeding away with a giant cross on the rear window. So, who could possibly have taken Beth?

Right now, we are left to assume Beth was kidnapped by what little evidence we have. All we saw was a bag left on the ground, its contents slightly spilled out, and a car speeding away. Anything could have happened and this wouldn’t be the first time Robert Kirkman and company led us to believe one thing only to find out the complete opposite had happened. Remember baby Judith?

So, that leaves us with a million possibilities. Let’s take a look at few plausible ones and go from there.

Beth was kidnapped by The Hunters. The Hunters have long been rumored to be making an appearance in the show at some point. They made a brief appearance in the comics. You might know them as a small group of living cannibals. That doesn’t mean they will be exactly the same if they make an appearance on the show at all. Kirkman and company can easily tweak them to make them more menacing or perhaps less so.

She was saved by Father Gabriel Stokes. Well, given the cross on the back window this wouldn’t seem so out of bounds. Stokes is another character from the comics who happens upon Rick and his group. He survived the zombie apocalypse by barricading himself in his church. Perhaps Stokes was in charge of the funeral home as there is plenty of evidence to suggest that someone was living in there recently. Maybe he thought he was saving Beth.

Beth was taken by someone from Terminus. We have heard about Terminus for several episodes now. We know that three groups are on their way there but so far don’t know if anyone has made it to the mysterious place. If Terminus is anything like the Alexandria safe Zone then perhaps they have people out recruiting, or scavenging. I doubt one of them would just take Beth unless Terminus is not as advertised.

A completely new character took Beth. It wouldn’t be the first time Kirkman wandered away from the comic. Introducing a new character wouldn’t be off the radar. Maybe the new character is a bad person, or perhaps personifies all the evil of The Hunters. There are some clues to suggest that whoever took Beth might have planned it. First we have the funeral home itself, stocked with food to get people to stay. Then we have the dog that mysteriously shows up on the front door. Then we have the dog barking and walkers suddenly showing up on the doorstep and breaking in. As Beth and Daryl run for their lives Beth gets abducted by a car they didn’t hear drive up. Seems kind of convenient, no?

Negan and his men took Beth. I’m going to say this is unlikely at this point. Kirkman has said he is eager to introduce Negan but Negan’s full story isn’t known in the comics yet. It is doubtful Negan makes an appearance before Season 5 or even Season 6.

Morgan rescued Beth. The last we saw of Morgan he was doing some crazy things in a small town not too far from the prison. Could Morgan have snapped and gone farther off the deep end? Judging by the last time we saw him it wouldn’t be off the table and Kirkman has hinted about a possible Morgan return. After all, life does get lonely when the only people around are trying to eat you.

Beth wasn’t kidnapped, she just drove away. This would be a bit of a downer. If we find out Beth found the keys to the car and just drove away in hysteria thinking Daryl was dead then that would be kind of anticlimactic. It doesn’t fit but it isn’t completely outside the realm of possibility. Perhaps she was so distraught she never saw Daryl. Remember, we never heard a car drive up but that doesn’t mean it didn’t when the chaos of the walker fight was in full swing.

What do you think happened to Beth? Let us know in the comments below.