The Walking Dead: What Could Terminus Possibly Be?

By Chris Gamble

Fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead have now seen Tyreese, Carol, Lizzie, Judith and Mika head towards Terminus, the mysterious place that spooked Daryl when he and others heard a voice on the radio. Now, last week, we saw Rick, Carl and Michonne decide to head down the railroad tracks towards this mysterious place.

There has been a ton of speculation as to what exactly Terminus is, or if it even really exists. Fans might find out in the next week or two but it could be that we will all have to wait until the season finale like when they introduced the prison.

Whatever lays at the end of the railroad tracks it is sure to play a huge role in the future of the show. Fans of the comic book have been speculating this is the equivalent of the Alexandria Safe Zone. Maybe. Here are a few possibilities as to what might await the cast:

1. Terminus is the Alexandria Safe Zone. We know that Rick and company find the Alexandria Safe Zone as they head north towards Washington, D.C. with Eugene, Sgt. Abraham Ford and Rosita. Could it be that Terminus will be the Georgia equivalent or will Eugene’s so-called mission to cure the zombie plague lead them towards D.C. and eventually to the Alexandria Safe Zone? Oh, the possibilities.

Alexandria Safe Zone

2. Terminus is a trap. We know that Rick’s group has a little problem with humans who like to eat other humans. No, not the walkers. Cannibals. Could Terminus be a trap set by a cannibalistic group? It would be an easy way for the cannibals to prey upon people looking for sanctuary in the desolate world.


3. Terminus is Nagan’s headquarters. Nagan is the evil foe of Rick and crew in the comics. He is vile, disgusting and makes The Governor look like Santa Claus. Robert Kirkman has already made it clear he is looking forward to introducing Nagan, or at least a character based on Nagan but will it be so early? Will Kirkman and crew introduce Nagan so close on the heels of eliminating The Governor? Then again, last episode we did see some rough types who broke into the house Rick, Carl and Michonne were staying in. They seemed like they could be Nagan’s kind of people.


4. Terminus is no longer there. Given the instability of the post-apocalyptic world it could very well be that Terminus is nothing more than a gated community filled with walkers. That wouldn’t be very exciting but it could be a new prison for Rick and the rest of the group if they can clear it of walkers like they did the prison. After all, it was a recorded voice on loop that Daryl heard. Maybe everyone inside is dead already. Maybe they aren’t.


5. Terminus is the last semblance of order and government. While this might be a stretch, Terminus could be an area where the military and government set up a safe zone. We did see soldiers a couple of seasons ago but they were lost, on the move and searching for someplace to settle down. If there was a sanctuary with the military they would have known about it. Maybe they were looking for it.

Walking Dead Military

We will soon find out what Terminus is, or was, as characters stumble across banners and maps pointing to Terminus along the railroad tracks and begin heading there. Well, it doesn’t look like we will have long to wait at this rate. Terminus is coming and the survivors of the prison might all soon find themselves reunited once again. Or, maybe Terminus is nothing more than a smoldering ruin and the prison survivors will be divided for good, heading in different directions. Oh, the possibilities.