Video: Usain Bolt Stops Interview for American National Anthem

By Chris Gamble
Getty Images
Getty Images

Usain Bolt is one of the fastest men to ever live. He has dominated track and field and is currently the equivalent of LeBron James in his sport. Maybe even the Michael Jordan of track and field. The Jamaican sprinter owns six Olympic gold medals and eight gold medals and two silvers in the World Championships. He will likely add to those totals in the next couple of years. However, I am not writing about Bolt the sprinter today.

After an event in which Bolt did what Bolt does he was being interviewed. Bolt was answering questions when he heard the Star Spangled Banner, which is the national anthem for the United States for those who didn’t know, and stopped the interview.

Bolt’s decision to halt the interview while the American anthem played has already gone viral in the United States as Americans are amazed at this show of respect for an anthem that is not his own. It is the ultimate respect to his American competitors and to a country he owes nothing to.

While we sit at home and watch the Winter Olympic games it is Bolt who is stealing the show with respect for international competitors. Bolt showed complete class and I wish more athletes in international competitions were as respectful for the nations who are competing as Bolt was.

Remember, Usain Bolt is not American. He is Jamaican. Nobody would have cared had he continued the interview because it is something we have seen many times in international competitions. I have even seen American athletes being interviewed by American television crews and they never blinked despite the national anthem being played in the background.

Bolt’s show of class and respect will not be forgotten and it is likely he has gained a lot of American fans with this small, but meaningful, show of respect. Thank you, Usain Bolt. You have exemplified international competition with your show of respect. Hopefully, we continue to see athletes of all nations show this kind of respect to other nations. Check out the video: