20 Reasons Why Bacon Is A Jack Of All Trades

By Dave Joseph

20 Reasons Why Bacon Is A Jack Of All Trades

20 Reason Bacon is the Jack of All Trades

Bacon. It's name alone evokes salivation to its many devotees. Though, it is the scorn of the weight-conscious and animal rights activists, it still remains a staple in food today. Though one might think might think of bacon in a one-dimensional sense, it has a lot more to offer than you'd think. The meat is a process away from being ham, sausage, or the other myriad of pig-related products.

An interesting fact: The word bacon is from an old German word bacho, which basically means “butt”.

As I sit here and enjoy pizza with bacon, among other toppings, I think to myself, "I wonder how many uses could exist for such a delicious meat?" Now I know, we shouldn't discuss such things. Research has suggested that it potentially can increase your risk of premature death before the age of 44, and yes we have an obesity problem in America. Yes, people die from obesity.

However, Bacon is just like fast food, candy, or any other fatty, horrible food for you. Everything in moderation, I say. So, if you haven't closed the page yet, then you have an affinity like the rest of us for that greasy, fattening meat. So, without further ado, I give the you the 20 reasons why bacon is the jack of all trades ... and masters them all!

PS. Don't eat the screen! or protest me! Okay. It's a FREE country ... but still.

Bacon with a Cheeseburger

Bacon on a Cheeseburger

Bacon with Breakfast

Bacon on Breakfast

Bacon with Pork N' Beans

Bacon in Pork N' Beans

Bacon with Alchohol

Bacon on Alchohol

Bacon with Hot dogs

Bacon on Hotdogs

Bacon with Pasta

Bacon on Pasta

Bacon with Pies

Bacon in Pies

Bacon with Crackers

Bacon on crackers

Bacon with Art

Bacon as Art

Bacon with Pizza

Bacon on Pizza

Bacon with a Fancy dish

Bacon on a fancy dish

Bacon with Potato skins

Bacon on Potato skins

Bacon with Quiche

Bacon on Quiche

Bacon with Sandwiches

Bacon on Sandwiches

Bacon with a Sundae

bacon on a sundae

Bacon with Chocolate

Bacon in Chocolate

Bacon with Soup

Bacon in Soup

Bacon with Canada

Bacon a la Canada
Uncle John's Pancakes

Bacon with Kevin

Bacon after Kevin

Bacon with...more Bacon

Bacon on Bacon