Firefighter Arrested by Cop at Serious Car Accident Scene

By Phil Naegely

Fortunately, this does not happen often. However, in Chula Vista, California, a firefighter was arrested by a cop during a dispute. The argument was over something stupid. The fire truck was parked where the California Highway Patrol officer didn’t want it.

The firefighter did not move the firetruck and continued to do his job by tending to those injured by the rollover accident. Well, Mr. patrol officer wasn’t happy and arrested Mr. firefighter and a local TV station caught it for all of us to see.

San Diego, California News Station – KFMB Channel 8 –

Let me say this. This whole situation and arrest is just foolish. The firefighter was only detained for 30 minutes, but he should have been helping out those in the rollover incident. Instead, Mr. California Highway Patrol officer wanted to play tough and show the firefighter who was boss.

Well, he should be suspended without pay for making a mockery of his job. Police officers and firefighters both are in their position for one main reason. To help, serve, and protect the citizens of whichever jurisdiction they cover.

This patrol officer clearly did not do that. Let the fire truck be and allow the firefighter to do his job. Luckily, it seems like those in the rollover vehicle ended up being okay. Many times though, firefighters and cops are called to scenes where every second matters.

In this case, 1800 seconds passed while the firefighter was in handcuffs.

Shame on this cop and kudos to the firefighter for attempting to do his duty and job.

The Chula Vista Fire Department was not happy with this and are planning to meet with the California Highway Patrol. I personally hope the fire department tells them this better not happen again or else.

Nonetheless, this cop acted like a bully and should be punished for it. Learn to do your job right or else turn in your uniform, sir.

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