The Sylvia Beach Hotel is a Complete Retreat

By Dawn Miller

Sylvia Beach Hotel, Newport Oregon
Sylvia Beach Hotel, Newport Oregon

When you leave it all behind to head off to the vacation spot of your choice, do you actually leave it at home or do you take it with you? Let’s face it, in today’s high-tech world most people’s holidays include their smart phones or tablets and it would be blasphemous to lodge at a place that didn’t have wifi.

With that in mind, would you consider staying at a hotel with breath-taking ocean views which didn’t include television, radios, or telephones and where an internet connection isn’t any where to be found? If your answer is an enthusiastic “Yes!” read on. However, if you are breaking out into hives at the mere thought, this spot isn’t for you.

The Sylvia Beach Hotel provides the quintessential, off-the-beaten path, literature-based holiday. It is located in historic Nye Beach in Newport, Oregon. This unique get-away spot is situated on a 45-foot bluff right above the Pacific Ocean. Its doors have been open for 26-years and counting.

Childhood friends Sally Ford and Goody Cable are the owners and proprietors. Cable describes the lodging as a “family business” on the hotel’s website. Ms. Ford’s brother previously managed the hotel for 22 years and their chef of 25 years recently retired. So, it would seem the quiet, welcoming atmosphere which truly takes you away from it all keeps some people coming back.

The rooms are divided into three types. Novels are the most inexpensive and do not provide ocean views. There are three Classic rooms which are named for the French novelist Colette, the British mystery queen Agatha Christie, and American’s own Mark Twain. These rooms are located directly over the surf.

The remaining rooms are classified as Best Sellers and are named after literary greats such as Jane Austin and Virginia Woolf.

Perhaps the most intriguing feature of the hotel is its library which occupies the entire west side of the third floor. It houses scores of books, puzzles, comfortable chairs to curl up in and read as well as tables to sit down and finish that manuscript you have been working on or wanting to start. Besides the bird’s eye view of the sea and storms which blow in and out quite frequently, visitors can enjoy a coffee room which offers snacks and board games.

The Sylvia Beach Hotel is designed for the couple who is searching for a romantic hideaway or the lone traveler who is seeking solitude as well as a little company. One thing this lodging is not is a place for children. It is not family oriented and little ones would definitely bore easily. However, if you are looking for a quiet spot to leave the stresses of the world behind you; the Sylvia Beach Hotel is it.

Some single travelers may feel self-conscious in certain vacation hot-spots which are activity centered. Not here. Patrons can seek and enjoy solitude or mingle and make connections some where besides social media, depending on their mood or preference.

Breakfast is included in the room price and is served in the “Table of Contents” room. Patrons are treated to a meal as well as company since the meals are “shared” at tables of eight. Dinner is also eaten together nightly at seven. Since the restaurant is open to the public in the evenings, your supper companion may be a guest, fellow traveler, or Oregon native. Either way, the conversation is lively and games such as “two truths and a lie” are welcome and a common occurrence.

If you crave some couple time, that can be arranged. Just ask management in advance if you would like the quiet table for two or four. The restaurant and its romantic ambiance are available to celebrate life’s milestones for parties of 48 guests or less.

Part of the appeal of a beach vacation, or any travel stop for that matter, is curling up with the good book you haven’t had time to read. While books on laptops and tablets have their advantages, nothing beats the feeling of turning the pages as you get caught up in a far-away adventure or romance. All the better if you can do it with the ocean just steps away or in front of a roaring fire. The Sylvia Beach Hotel has both and when you want to venture out to the beach and other sites such as the Yaquina Lighthouse, they await you.

The rooms contain journals where guests share their experiences. Upon checking out, many patrons lay claim to their next reservation which is always the mark of a quality stay when you are contemplating when you can return before you have actually left.

Okay, so you will have to do without your Facebook page, email, and the latest episode of The Walking Dead while you’re there, but isn’t that the point of getting away from it all?