Watch X-Factor's Alex and Sierra Dazzle With Sara Bareilles Hit

By Joe Burgett


There seems to be way too many reality shows on TV based on “finding talent” in the music industry. It makes you wonder why some people do not have a recording contract yet, and stars are literally born through them. Usually though, the stars don’t show up until AFTER the competition is over. Sure, they give you glimmers on the show, but it’s not until after the show is over that people either flop or rise to the top of the pack.

Then, we have Alex and Sierra from X-Factor. They are a legit couple from Florida that have a deep story that is quite compelling. They have been doing well all season long, but the past few weeks they have managed to perform songs so well that it seemed as if they wrote them.

X-Factor allows us to see groups, girls, boys, and over 30’s separated into categories where a mentor from the show will be with them throughout. Not surprisingly, Simon Cowell drew the groups straw where he has shined in the past. He helped create One Direction, and while annoying to most of us, they are money-makers.

The pairing of Alex and Sierra with Simon made things interested from the beginning, and now that the Finals are coming up, Simon knew they had to perform massively well. They have managed to show up when it counts and last week they were able to dazzle. This week, they had to do better which was a tall order. That was until they actually did it. They sang a Sara Bareilles hit from a few years ago called “Gravity”. It made two judges cry, and was raved about in social media, causing quite the stir. Obviously, X-Factor executives are loving the attention the duo is bringing in, and would love it if the fans voted them into the Finals like most believe they will do.

Last week, they topped the iTunes chart with “Say Something”, which went over massively well. X-Factors executives believe that The Sara Bareilles song, “Gravity”, will also top the iTunes charts. It would be the first time that an X-Factor contestant topped the charts twice in consecutive weeks.

While words can help describe it, nothing does so like the actual thing. So here is the video from the performance last night:

The X-Factor results show airs tonight at 8/7c on FOX. This show will decide who is into the Finals.

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