World News: Fitness Mom Maria Kang At The Center Of Yet Another Controversy

By Joe Burgett


Back in October, Maria Kang was at the center of controversy when she posted a photo of her and her three kids on her Facebook account which ended up going viral. It had her pictured looking terrific with a caption above saying, “What’s Your Excuse?”

The idea sounded fine in theory. She wanted to make sure she put it out there that just because you’re a Mom, it doesn’t mean you can’t make proper diet and exercise part of your life. It was meant to be an inspiration in her eyes, and for some it was. But the caption is what made people lose it. Had it just have been her looking amazing with her three boys, it wouldn’t have been an issue. But the caption was there, and that’s what made many start hating.

It seemed to blow over…that was until recently when Facebook banned Kang over comments she made on her Facebook account that they labeled “hate speech”. But you decide if it was.

She said this on her account:

“The popular and unrelenting support received to those who are borderline obese (not just 30 to 40 lbs overweight) frustrates me as a fitness advocate who intimately understands how poor health negatively effects a family, a community and a nation.” 

She wrote this after seeing a daily mail article about obese and plus-sized women posing in lingerie. Her comments were related to it plus the photos given in the article.

The comments quickly went viral and it seemed to cause a lot of problems. Facebook was notified of it and within three hours of it going viral, her account was shut down.

Were these comments any worse than what your friend on Facebook says regarding much worse? I’m not sure. But due to her being a public figure, she’s going to get a little more attention than most. She already had haters from the photo she did in October, despite her original intention. So obviously these people among others were going to see this and notify Facebook. So it’s not a shocking thing to see her Facebook account shut down by the billion dollar corporation.

But wait a minute, it seems that Facebook saw this as a bit wrong. And they felt they went too far by shutting her account down. They had this to say in a statement:

“A user reported content on her page, and it was mistakenly removed by Facebook. When we realized the error we corrected it immediately, and restored full access to Ms Kang. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Once her account was restored, she said, “sorry but not sorry”, in her comeback message. This was the full post regarding that, straight from her account:

“Thanks for all the support I received these last few days. So here are the facts:
1) I was temporarily banned from Facebook
2) My post regarding our Obesity Crisis in America has been removed.
3) Facebook has said it was ‘human error’ and has allowed me access but did not restore the ‘offensive’ post. 

There are not many things I’m sorry about in life, but recently I’ve been feeling a deep sense of sadness within me. After being blocked on Facebook and reading the Yahoo article (–hot-mom-in-trouble-on-facebook-again-210127745.html#more-id) explaining the ban, I feel completely misunderstood. While I speak strongly about making one’s health a priority, the very last thing I intended to express was any level of shame. No one should be ashamed of who they are, at the same time, in order to desire something greater, you have to –at some level – be uncomfortable with where you are at. When we normalize being unhealthy we create complacency to positively change. I am sorry but not sorry:

So it seems like she is a bit sorry for what she said, but still stands behind it all. It’s one of those situations seemingly, where you have a person who believes in something so much but has no ability to correctly share information. She seems to also have trouble in how she comes off. So it might be best for her to take some courses on how to properly speak with people and work with the public if she hopes to be a spokesperson for fitness.

She obviously has the knowledge, but now it’s all in how it’s presented.

Currently her Facebook page has 234,000 likes. Let’s hope she doesn’t lose that page yet again with more controversial comments.

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