Sports News: LeBron James Helping David Beckham Bring MLS Team to Miami

By Joe Burgett

Liverpool v Manchester United - Premier League

While we know LeBron James as the amazing basketball start and two-time NBA Champion, the one thing that we should also realize about him is his business sense. James has done things since his arrival in the NBA that few before him were able to do as well…including Michael Jordan. James is this generation’s version of Jordan in some eyes, while others believe that is Kobe Bryant. Either way, the success is there in his basketball career and business career off the court.

We know David Beckham as the handsome English soccer star that came over from England to L.A to join the MLS Team, The L.A. Galaxy. While he made a splash quickly and brought a ton of attention to the MLS, he quickly started getting injuries that diminishes his success. It also seemed like he wanted to be back in England, instead of being in the spotlight of Hollywood.

So what happens when two men who have been successful in their respective careers team up to bring an MLS team to Miami? Well, you get some interesting opinions as well as a potential team.

According to the Sun Sentinel, who spoke with James:

“The research is still being made out,” James said. “I think it could be huge. You never know. I think this is a great town for soccer. There’s a lot of soccer players, there’s great youth soccer players here and people love the city as well. That definitely would help.”

This would not be James’ first dive into the world of soccer, in fact, he owns a small stake in Liverpool FC.

The real issue when it comes to bringing a team to Miami is the fact that Miami already had an MLS team, that did not last. The Miami Fusion lasted from 1997-2001, and actually won the Supporters’ Shield in their final season. But this was over a decade ago, and a lot has changed in Miami since. Such as numerous NBA Titles and heavy media attention…just to name a few.

In what could be the most interesting part of it all is that David Beckham’s original MLS deal allows him to “create a new MLS club for the discount price of 25 million.” This is around 75 million less than the expansion fee paid by the league’s newest club, NYCFC.

So in the end, it’s affordable big time for Beckham and having James involved to help sell the system to Miami fans is spectacular. The fact that James has an interest in soccer and has millions to spare along with the fact that he owns a minor stake in a major soccer club, the MLS might have to do some thinking.

At the end of the day, the city of Miami and MLS will look at the Fusion’s lack of success to bring people in as a reason to say no to the team. But over a decade later, Miami has gotten a major upgrade. And you have two massively popular sports stars owning the team, which will mean good things potentially. So things could be heating up.


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