20 Best Movie Parts from Adam Sandler

No. 20 - Click: Neighbor Kid


Not one of Sandler's best films. But, his interactions with the neighbor's kid are great. Kid: Yeah, well my father's stereo is a Bose. Sandler: Your father's stereo blows? That's too bad!

No. 19 - The Longest Yard: Recruiting

Longest Yard

Sandler recruiting inmates for his football team kept the film bearable. One of the best scenes involves Sandler playing ping-pong with a large, angry inmate.

No. 18 - The Wedding Singer: Rum & Coke


One of Sandler's best films of all time. Julia: I'm not a big drinker. And if I was, I'd probably be puking more than that kid! Robbie: Oh, I don't think anybody could puke more than that kid. I think I saw a boot come out of him.

No. 17 - Funny People: Doctor Visit


Sandler clowns on his Doc a few times in the film. Here's one of many hilarious quotes from Sandler aka George. George: “Your accent’s very thick. Did you ever notice that your accent makes things sound worse than they are?”

No. 16 - Anger Management: Bed Sharing


Buddy: In Europe, it's not considered unusual for three or four men to share a bed. Dave: That's why I'm proud to be an American.

No. 15 - Happy Gilmore: Happy Gets Left


Who could forget Happy yelling, singing, and licking the intercom as his girlfriend leaves, and an Asian lady comes in.

No. 14 - Anger Management: I Feel Pretty


"I feel pretty / oh, so pretty / oh, so pretty and witty and... [pause] gay..."

No. 13 - Billy Madison: Billy's Night Out


Billy's night out involves a flaming bag of dog poop. One of many timeless scenes in Billy Madison.

No. 12 - Happy Gilmore: Grandma's Front Yard Driving Range


Happy learns he can swing a golf club after challenging the mover's to a driving contest. Happy wins cash and injures the neighbors.

No. 11 - Billy Madison: Nudie Magazine Day


As the film opens, Billy is cruising his estate in a golf cart and goes bonkers over nudie magazine day!!

No. 10 - The Waterboy: High Quality H2O


"Now that's what I call some high quality H2O!!!"

No. 9 - Billy Madison: Peeing Your Pants is Cool


3rd Grader: Hey look everybody, Billy peed his pants. Billy Madison: Of course I peed my pants, everyone my age pees their pants. It's the coolest. 3rd Grader: Really? Billy Madison: YES. You ain't cool, unless you pee your pants. 3rd Grader: Hey look, Ernie peed his pants too. Old Farm Lady: If peeing in your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis.

No. 8 - Happy Gilmore: Grandma's Caretaker


Ben Stiller is the perfect villain as Grandma's Caretaker in Happy Gilmore. "My finger's hurt..."

No. 7 - Mr. Deeds: Deeds & McEnroe


Deed's has too much to drink and destroys the town with McEnroe. A perfect cameo.

No. 6 - Big Daddy: Kangaroo Song


Julian: But after my nap I always watch the Kangaroo Song. Sonny: It's overtime right now and there's a penalty shot about to take place. This happens about once every ten years so... Julian: Kangaroo song, kangaroo song, kangaroo song, KANGAROO SONG! Sonny: ALLLRRIIIGGGHTT! God you were normal yesterday!

No. 5 - Happy Gilmore: Mini Golf Training


Happy Gilmore: [to the clown hole at the mini-golf course after it spits out his ball] You're gonna die, clown! [breaks its nose off with his golf club]

No. 4 - Big Daddy: McDonald's


McDonald's Breakfast became synonymous with Big Daddy after this scene.

No. 3 - Happy Gilmore: Happy Meets Chubs


Gold jacket, green jacket, who gives a shi*?

No. 2 - Billy Madison: O'Doyle Rules


O'Doyle Rules!!!!!!

No. 1 - Happy Gilmore: Happy & Shooter


"You eat pieces of shi* for breakfast??"

Sandler has starred in comedy classics such as Happy Gilmore, Big Daddy, and Billy Madison. Here are the 20 best parts from Sandler’s films.