Sexiest Women We Have Seen in Horror Movies

Horror's Hottest Ladies


Horror movies rock. One of the major selling points for horror movies is the hot girls that are in flicks. It's really hard to think of a horror movie without a hot girl in it, which is why it was hard to narrow my list down to only 50. Nevertheless, here are 50 of the hottest ladies we have seen in horror movies. I tried to keep it more current, because let's face it: women look a lot better than they did in the 70s and 80s. If I included the whole cast of Scream 4, I could have made this a top 60, which is why they get their respect here. Seriously, Scream 4 couldn't have a hotter cast if they tried.

The list is in alphabetical order, since it would be impossible to decide who I like best. Okay, you can click now. Enjoy!

Diora Baird


Diora Baird used to be a model for Guess? Now you can guess if she is going to be topless in all of the movies she's in.

Drew Barrymore


Drew Barrymore is pretty hit or miss, but her scene in Scream is one of the more memorable ones in horror history.

Jessica Biel


Mrs. Justin Timberlake couldn't possibly make the tank top any hotter than she did in Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Rachel Blanchard


If you recognize Blanchard, it might be from the TV series Clueless. If that's not it, she was slayed in Carrie 2.

Lindy Booth


There is no in-between on gingers. They're either a smokeshow or a dumpster fire. Lindy, however, is a smokeshow and then some.

Kelly Brook


Kelly Brook was eaten by piranhas in the critically acclaimed Piranha 3D. Those piranhas must have had good taste in women.

Sophia Bush


Sophia Bush's voice is one of the sexiest, most irresistible things I have encountered in my life. I'm going to assume that's why the hitchhiker in The Hitcher didn't want to leave her alone.

Neve Campbell


Helllllllllllllllllllllllo, Sidney.

Emmanuelle Chriqui


Chriqui is most known for her role as Sloan in Entourage, who was one of the hottest TV characters of all-time.

Jamie Chung


Jamie Chung appeared on MTV's Real World before biting it in the movie Sorority Row.

Jennifer Connelly


I'm including Connelly because she starred in the movie Dark Water. But I think Requiem for a Dream should count for horror, too.

Jamie Lee Curtis


No one really knows for sure if JLC is a hermaphrodite, which is kind of scary when you think about it, but she has to be included due to the Halloween franchise.

Elisa Cuthbert


I really think Cuthbert's character in The Girl Next Door is the hottest movie character of all-time. There isn't a more irresistible character than her in that flick. When she wasn't being adorable in that, she was kicking the wax out of people with Lucas Scott in House of Wax.

Eliza Dushku


If you want a failed TV show, Eliza is your girl. Even with those failures on her resume, though, she's still a fox.

Shannon Elizabeth


Shannon Elizabeth is living proof that you can be successful solely on looks alone. She basically made her career by stripping down in American Pie.

Anna Faris


Scary Movie counts, right?

Willa Ford


Thanks for your one-hit wonder, Willa. I'm so happy you decided to be bad and go topless in the new Friday the 13th.

Megan Fox


This might sound sacrilegious, but I do not understand the Megan Fox hype.

Soleil Moon Frye


Frye is best known as being Punky Brewster. However, I know her from being the dame that screwed Screech over in Saved by the Bell.

Sarah Michelle Gellar


Buffy also starred in Scream 2 and I Know What You Did Last Summer. She's still as cute as a button.

Meagan Good


Meagan Good is basically the African-American version of Kate Upton.

Danielle Harris


It's pretty awesome to star in a movie franchise as a child, and then go topless in the reboot of said franchise.

Jennifer Love Hewitt


The best horror movie JLH was a part of was the spoof on Boy Meets World.

Katherine Isabelle


If you want a sexy girl to die in a movie, Katherine is your woman!

Amber Heard


Amber Heard is the type of girl any guy would dream of. Unfortunately for us, she's not into guys. Hey-o!

Bianca Kajlich


The former Mrs. Landon Donovan was in Halloween: Resurection. But I will always remember her for being Lisa Greer in Boston Public.

Jana Kramer


I was obsessed with Jana Kramer when she was in Entourage. She bit the dust in the flick Laid to Rest.

Ali Larter


Ali Larter slayed the afterlife in the Resident Evil franchise, but we all know her from the whipped cream bikini in Varisty Blues.

Jennifer Lawrence


I'm sure that House at the End of the Street or whatever it was called was a terrible movie, but I could not care less. Jennifer Lawrence you are a 10.

Janet Leigh


I feel it's necessary to pay homage to one of the - if not the - original scream queen.

Jenny McCarthy


Although Jenny McCarthy is a bit psycho, she still looks phenomenal for her age.

Rose McGowan


Do yourself a favor: do not look up and see what Rose McGowan looks like now. Just have the image of her being stuck in the garage door implanted in your mind forever.

Katharine McPhee


Never in a million years would I have thought this American Idol runner-up would turn into such a babe. She was eaten by sharks in Shark Night 3D. I don't know who won between the piranhas and sharks.

Leighton Meester


I guess I should have just included the whole cast of The Roommate.

Eva Mendes


What a spicy meatball! How - even in movie world - could you hang someone so beautiful?

Elise Neal


Elise Neal was one of the 1,290 deaths in Scream 2.

Danielle Panabaker


Danielle was a killer in Mr. Brooks, but she was killed in The Crazies and The Ward

Sara Paxton


Sara Paxton was fighting off Jesse Pinkman in Last House on the Left.

Tara Reid


Although most people probably think of American Pie when they hear Tara Reid's name, I think of the epicness that is The Big Lebowksi. If only The Dude could have hacked her with an axe.

Denise Richards


I remember I stayed up to like 3:30 in the morning watching Valentine because Denise Richards was in it. Thanks for your cleavage in Seinfeld and three-way scene in Wild Things, Denise.

Amanda Seyfried


She could give you a forecast with her boobs in Mean Girls and starred with Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body.

Tiffany Shepis


Out of all ladies on this list, Shepis' resume contains the most horror films. She epitomizes the "scream queen" to a tee.

Chelan Simmons


Simmons has been in the horror genre ever since she was killed in the movie It as a two-year old.

Brittany Snow


Prom Night is horror enough to include the stunning Brittany Snow on this list.

Rachael Taylor


Taylor was chokeslammed by Kane in See No Evil.

Michelle Trachtenberg


Harriet the Spy is all grown up. Even though Black Christmas has like a 4.4 on IMDB, that cast is one of the hottest I have seen.

Daniella Vangelista


Daniella puked up her internal organs in Wishmaster 3. That's a fine how do you yack.

Emmanuelle Vaugier


If I remember correctly, Vaugier was the girl who died in Saw 2 by having her wrists stuck in a razorblade box, which is by far one of the worst ways to go.

Cerina Vincent


Cerina Vincent made losing your skin hot in Cabin Fever.

Naomi Watts


The Ring was probably one of the best scary movies post-2000, and Naomi Watts' sexiness was a big reason why.